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Ellina's Treasures "Single Snake Bracelet" featured on HARPER'S BAZAAR

(JUNE 2019)


Ellina's Treasures "Classic Snake Ring" featured on TATLER UK

(MAY 2018)

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Ellina's Treasures "Wired Snake Anklet" featured on JCK MAGAZINE

(April, 28th 2021)

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Ellina's Treasures "Entwined Snake Necklace" featured on ELLE

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Ellina's Treasures "Single Loose Snake Necklace" featured on VANITY FAIR

(APRIL 2018)


MAGNIFICENT, as usual! I have purchased many of Ellrini's snake necklaces and I only have one BIG problem with them - WHICH ONE TO WEAR!!! I get so many compliments every time I wear one of her pieces, which are made with pure love! Do not hesitate to purchase anything from Ellinas Treasures, you will never be disappointed. Stay safe and wear a mask! Kathleen

KATHLEEN on Sep 11, 2020

Oh my goodness! This is a gift for my daughter, but I had to take a quick peek and put the beautiful packaging back together. Everything looks amazing! Beautiful packaging and lightning fast shipping. Not to mention a gorgeous, unique, handmade necklace. Wow! Thank you so much!! ❤

Paige on Mar 22, 2021

When I discovered this jewelry I instantly thought it was lovely, but when I received it, it is more beautiful in person! The packaging made for a nice unboxing experience and the ring is smooth, sturdy, and fits perfectly! I'm beyond pleased. I will buy from her again!!

Francine, on April 9, 2021
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ellina's Treasures Biography

It was early 1970s, when artist Constantinos Panagiotopoulos found his true calling in designing and hand-crafting brilliant jewelry. Many of the biggest Athens-based Jewelry Houses (Zolotas etc.) and the most famous Greek painters (G. Stathopoulos, Fasianos etc.), identified his profoundly gifted charisma creating only high-class “pieces of art” reflecting a timeless luxury even for the most demanding selected client’s needs.
As the years went by, his daughter, Eirini, grew up among thousands of precious stones, tons of flawless metals and immeasurable cultural knowledge, cultivating and nurturing unconsciously inside her a deep love for jewels.
Graduated in 2009 from University of Piraeus in Maritime Studies, fine jewellery designer Eirini Panagiotopoulou decided after many years to return to her forever burning passion and follow her “inherited” roots in Jewelry, starting up her eponymous brand “Ellina’s Treasures”. With the unquestionably vital assistance from her “artist” father and her “creative” mother, Eirini aims at offering high quality hand-crafted pieces at an affordable price.
Being truly enchanted by Greece and its beauty, the collections are inspired by Ancient Times and culture of Greece. The designs reflect a style of simplicity, ancient influences and modern aesthetics!!
“Ellina’s Treasures” House offers pieces that “mirror” the thrill for storytelling and avant-garde design, striving to crack modern luxury with a touch of raw sensuality. These understated pieces are designed to be both functional jewellery as well as art objects.